Monday, 5 January 2015

New Year, New Me?

So, it's 2015. Otherwise known as "the year in which I turn 40", as Jedi Boy has taken to reminding me on a regular basis now that Christmas (and the threat of 'no presents') is safely out of the way. And, with the new year beginning, my thoughts have turned to goals and resolutions - what do I want to achieve in the year ahead?

In terms of resolutions, the big one is to become more organised. I know that I am not organised enough - I 'can' do it at work, when I need to, but at home it is all too easy to settle myself down with the iPad and ignore all the things that need to be done. Because of this, I've decided to set myself some goals to help me focus on achieving a greater state of organisation.

1. Meal Planning - I want to sit down at the weekend and plan the meals for the week ahead, and then do an online order for Monday delivery to ensure that I actually stick to it. This will help with both the diet (assuming I plan healthy enough meals) and the finances as I won't be wandering aimlessly round Sainsburys throwing things into the trolley at random.

2. Decluttering - This is my first step to a tidy house. I'm not going to pretend that it is suddenly going to attain show home levels of tidiness, as it's not, but if we can eliminate some of the clutter, it would be so much easier to keep it tidy. So, I've armed myself with the timer on my phone and am aiming to spend 15 minutes a day in January sorting out the problem areas.

3. Using the Calendar - Our brand new family planner is up on the kitchen wall and I am determined to actually write on it this year. All those school letters / party invites are going up on the calendar so I don't forget and end up relying on Facebook to remind me that the kids need to wear 'Victorian dress/Superhero Costumes/dress up for World Book Day/something red...' the next day and then run around in a panic. And, on top of this, I will make sure I have cash for breakfast club and pay the dinner money on time.

And then a few more personal goals...

Do something creative every week - I'm planning to do Project Life this year which should hopefully get me back into the scrapbooking habit but I feel much happier when I'm creative so I will be aimed to scrapbook, make cards, crochet and maybe even try out something new.

Run 100km before the end of February - To be honest, I think this one might be a bit over ambitious but I really need to get back into running regularly and, if I even get within 20km of this goal, I'll be happy.
Get back into blogging - I love writing and I'd really like to be a regular blogger. I've said this before and I can't guarantee it is going to happen, unless I can find a way to do it easily on the iPad, but I definitely want to give it a proper go.

So, that's it - hopefully the first steps to an organised and creative 2015. And, I'll just block that impending big birthday from my mind for just a bit longer... it's still 9.5 months away.

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