Monday, 5 January 2015

The Return of the Meal Planning

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As part of my New Year's Resolutions, the plan is to sit down every week and put together a proper meal plan. No more popping to the shop for something 'quick and easy' on the way home from work, or ordering take-away because I can't be bothered to cook... 2015 will be all about being organised. Plus, believe it or not, I'm actually getting a bit bored of eating cake/chocolate/cheese/Christmas goodies all the time and my body is craving a bit of variety, if not actual 'healthy food'.

This week I sat down at the kitchen table on Saturday afternoon with my recipe books and came up with this plan.

Sunday - Thai-style chicken noodle soup (made with the leftovers of Saturday's roast)
Monday - Asian-style fish parcels with stir-fried vegetables
Tuesday - Meal at my parents as they are looking after the children
Wednesday - Chicken tagine with couscous
Thursday - Was supposed to be Indian-spiced lamb steaks with butternut squash and rocket salad, but have just remembered I'm out with the girls
Friday - Lemon, chilli and garlic prawn spaghetti
Saturday - Chorizo and Chickpea Stew with bulgar wheat

I'm going to have to check the dates on the perishable ingredients once my Ocado orders turns up, and shuffle things around a little bit to account for Thursday's night out now, but that's the basic plan. I think we'll probably end up having the lamb steaks on Friday and spaghetti on Saturday, with the stew pushed into next week's plan.

No baking on the agenda this week - we still have Christmas cake, leftover brownies and more chocolate/biscuits than I know what to do with.

And maybe, next week, I might even think about starting the diet.

I'm linking up with Mrs M's #Meal Planning Monday with this post.


  1. Meal planning is great, it saves me so much time and energy as well as money! Sounds like a great week

  2. Everything sounds so good! I love the sound of everything you have planned x

  3. It all sounds lovely especially the chorizo and chickpea stew, I love the depth of flavour that chorizo adds :-) x #mealplanningmonday

  4. Love the sounds of the Asian fish parcels and the chorizo and chickpea stew! Sounds like a fab week x

  5. Wow, such an exciting week! Chicken tagine takes me back to my year abroad in Morocco - so so tasty. Have a good week :) xx

  6. That sounds amazing, very creative and flavoursome! Thanks for joining in x