Monday, 16 June 2014

Another Monday Meal Plan

A  quick post today as I'm still trying to get back into the meal planning habit. 'Officially' I am on my pre-Florida holiday diet which means healthier meals - although today hasn't worked out exactly how I would have hoped in diet terms. I'm blaming the fact I'm still tired from a busy hen weekend.

So, here goes...

Tonight (and lunch tomorrow) - Quiche lorraine frittata and salad 
Tomorrow - Lemon chicken stew (from freezer), jacket potato and lots of green veg
Wednesday - Creamy prawn risotto
Thursday - Tapas style food and beer in front of the football (not diet friendly but England's involvement in the World Cup might not last long)
Friday - Green chilli tacos with salsa and sour cream
Saturday - Out with the husband for a delayed anniversary meal, we're trying out the Hotel Chocolat restaurant, Rabot 1745, in Borough Market
Sunday - Thinking BBQ but all depends on the weather

Thanks to Mrs M for the link and inspiration.


  1. Everything sounds delicious! Fab meal plan! I think my Thursday may end up a lot like

    1. Thank you! Probably a lot of Thursdays like that around...

  2. Great meal plan...have a lovely meal out!