Monday, 26 May 2014

Half Term Meal Planning

For once, I have actually got round to meal planning on a Bank Holiday Monday. This is partly because the fact that we have spent a small fortune on camping gear this weekend makes me feel like being sensible but, also, because it is a short week as we're heading off for three nights in the new tent on Friday.

So, here is our plan - very simple (as it is likely to be a busy week at work) and all things that I have cooked before.

Tonight - BBQ-style chilli from Nigella Kitchen, served over jacket potatoes and topped with cheese
Tuesday - Dinner at my parents
Wednesday - Thai Red Prawn Curry with jasmine rice (think it is a BBC Good Food recipe)
Thursday - Chicken stir-fry with noodles (quick M&S option as we're both working and then will be sorting out the camping stuff)
Friday - Pasta bolognese (assuming the camping stove works!). I am cooking the bolognese tonight, freezing it and re-heating it when we get there 
Saturday/Sunday - Sausage and mash (on the camp stove), fish and chips, pub food.... TBC depending on the weather.

For more meal planning, head over to Mrs M's

Any sunshine vibes for the weekend would be appreciated - we've promised the kids and they are already bouncing up and down with excitement, so no backing out now...


  1. Fingers crossed that the sun makes an appearance for you!


  2. Enjoy camping, I am planning on a night in the garden one evening in the next few weeks, already excited! And your meals sound lovely xxx

  3. Thanks. We camped last year, but the tent wasn't quite bib enough... Hence the upgrade!

  4. Everything sounds delicious!!
    Have a great week! I hope the weather is nice for you x