Monday, 21 January 2013

Monday Meal Planning in the snow

I have been slacking off on the Monday meal planning recently but the threat (and subsequent arrival!) of the snow forced me to be a bit more organised. Given the choice between trekking through the snow to the supermarket accompanied by the Little Princess, or doing an online shop, I chose the latter - and thanks to the Sainsbury's delivery man making it through the snow this morning, I now have both a fully stocked fridge and a proper meal plan.

This week I am continuing my quest to cook more new recipes, re-visiting the speed cooking with one of the Jamie's 15 Minute Meals that I have already tried (20 minutes and 4 seconds to beat) and adding a few old favourites for those after work dinners when I can't be bothered spending a lot of time in the kitchen.

So, here is this week's plan

Tonight - Greek chicken with herby couscous and homemade tzatziki (from Jamie's 15 Minute Meals)
Tuesday - Teriyaki beef stir-fry with veg and noodles
Wednesday - Pasta with Lamb Ragu (from Nigellisima - this week's new recipe)
Thursday - Thai Red Prawn Curry with saffron rice
Friday - Chicken Fajitas (from Jamie's Ministry of Food - a real favourite in this house, thanks to Mrs M for reminding me!)
Saturday - still tbc
Sunday - a roast of some description, am thinking chicken at the moment...

Let's just hope I can stay being organised!


  1. I got a home delivery too....Way better then going out in this weather!!
    Sounds like a great menu!!

  2. Those chicken fajitas are the best ever aren't they!? Amazing. Thanks for joining in.

    1. Love them. And we ended up using all the leftover guacamole / sour cream on a chilli on Saturday night so added bonus!