Saturday, 24 March 2012

Is it wine o clock yet?

Ever have one of those days where that moment where you take the chilled bottle of wine from the fridge, pour it into a glass and take that first sip just can't come soon enough? Of course, for a true moment of perfection, the house should be tidy, the children should be fast asleep in bed and a delicious food smell should be drifting out from the oven, but we can't have everything... to be honest, I'd settle for two children in their rooms, the clutter pushed into a corner where I can ignore it and the leftovers from the freezer re-heating on the hob.

There's something about that hour just before bedtime that occasionally makes me wish I had an escape hatch in the kitchen floor... Jedi Boy (age 5) and the Little Princess (age 2) seem to know exactly what buttons to push, whether it is leaving a trail of destruction in their wake as they charge from one room to the next, making puddles (of varying types - but let's not dwell on that) on the bathroom floor or just following me around asking for drinks, snacks, where the tiny green lightsabre that belongs to one of the Star Wars figures is. But then there is that lovely, cuddly fifteen minutes once they have finally been coaxed into their pyjamas and they have their milk and stories which kind of makes it all worthwhile. And now, they are tucked up cosily in their beds, I've kissed them goodnight, dinner is almost ready and I can finally pour that well deserved glass of wine.

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